Plymouth - Pilgrim walk

2 hour walking  tour

Walk where the Pilgrims trod and hear how their faith inspired them to flee from England, find refuge in Holland, and cross the ocean to the shores of New England.

This tour will help you understand the monuments of Plymouth erected in honor of her founders as you hear the stories of these Separatists in their own words.

This walking tour of America's Hometown (Plymouth) covers four hundred years of written history (as of 2020 ) with plenty of fascinating stories to share with you. The tour is a 90 minute moderate (not for the physically challenged) stroll around Downtown Plymouth. Along the way we talk about the early days of the Colony.

Stop #1: Spooner House

Stop #2: Richard Sparrow House

Stop #3: Mayflower II

Stop #4: Burial Hill

Stop #5: Plymouth Rock

Stop #6: William Bradford statue

Stop #7: Cole’s Hill

Stop #8: Massosoit statue

Stop #9: Day of Mourning plaque

Stop #10:  Leyden Street


$185/group up to 10 people

Stop #11: Immigrant Sculpture

Stop#12: Town Brook

Stop #13: Pilgrim Maiden statue

Stop #14: Town Square

Stop #15: Pilgrim Mother

Stop #16: Mayflower Society Museum

Stop #17: 1749 Courthouse Museum

Stop #18: Liberty Tree

Stop #19: William Bradford statue

Call to book: 877-817-TOUR

Plymouth Mayfloer Pilgrim | Walking Tour | Plymouth, MA